On Painting...

From 2006-2007, as one of the original Daily Painters, I worked hard at a daily plein air painting discipline that has helped me along the way toward greater insight into my life as a painter. Priceless lessons have come, along with a remarkable transition from brushes to palette knives. Realism morphed into impressionism. As of late, touches of abstract expressionism have also emerged. Using palette knives exclusively now, outdoors on location, offers me the best opportunity to do the next right thing. Successful painting is lively & fresh. For me, plein air holds this promise and prevents the traps of uninspiring duplication that can deaden my work. I am still painting out doors with the palette knife as close to daily as possible, along the while discovering that the reward is in the journeys. Destinations are just icing on the cake. I participate in many local, regional and national juried shows and paint-outs and have won several place awards as well as awards of honor and excellence. Seeking opportunities to share my artistic experience and knowledge, I have passionate hopes of improving awareness and appreciation for the role of visual arts in today's world. Download my WORKSHOP INFO to view schedule and registration forms.


"Creature Comfort"

Title: "Creature Comfort", by Sally Cummings Shisler ©2008

Painting Specs: 36x36", O/C

$1250 Please contact for purchase information: 877-720-1380 or scshisler@gmail.com